Sunday, October 31, 2010

What's important?

What is important?
One question - a lot of answers.
It also depends on which context it's asked.
Right now I'm talking about what's important about people.
Still one question - maybe more answers..
Every person is different from another, and that's why there is so many answers to the question. Everyone has their own opinion.
It's also different if your'e talking about the one next door, a friend, a partner or yourself. I'm pretty sure that we all can agree that it's important to be able to trust your friend and the partner should love you back.
But when it comes to youself or a completly stranger you meet once and should try to jugde, it's another talk.
Specially when it comes to beauty, as I wrote in my last post..
Tall persons usally says it's the height that is important while less tall persons says it isn't that important. Clever people would say it's cleverness, physical strong people would say it's the physical ability and persons who find themself extraordinary beautiful, but maybe not so tall, clever, atletic or so on, would say it's they beauty that's most important.
And you can continue..

The most 'beautiful' persons may be the persons who look most healthy and is the one who seems to be the one who is most able to bring their genes on to the next generation.
The science has tried time on time to discover the formel behind beautiful, and they've said they have found it; and maybe they have, but is it that, that's the important?
Maybe it's up to each person to decide on their own?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wanting something

"I want that plane!"
But I reach to high?


One of the most valueable things you can have, is memories.
It's something you cant touch, it's something you can't see, it's something you can't heaar, it's something you can't taste.
Maybe you have some pictures or some videoclip, but the real memory is inside you, else it would be like looking at something for the first time, if you haven't got the memory inside yourself.
And then you wouldn't care to see the picture or the video, because you didn't actually know what it was completly.
Memories can be a lot of things..
It can be places, holidays, persons, an experience, it can be almost everything.
The most important thing, is to never forget you most important memories.
It's here where pictures, videoes and other things from the place, person etc. can help you to remember the memory.
What would life be without memories?
Something that wouldn't be remebered.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


"Oh! (s)he's really beautiful!", maybe.. but what makes him/her beautiful?
Is it the facial features? The body shape? The color of the eyes or the hair? Is it...?
You could continue forever, but never get the correct answer.
I'm convinced that it's individually what the biggest factor is..
But still, I also believe that confidence is a great factor in that equation.
There is so many people I'm sure have a low confidence, and that's a shame!
I'm sure they would handle a lot things easier if they've got a higher confidence.
I don't think beaty comes only from the inside, people can be beaty or not on the outside to, and that does count.. At least in the first; but when 'the first' is over, the outside is less important, and it's specially here where it's the beauty inside that counts.
Maybe the quote: "it's the inside that counts" only comes from someone, who didn't want to be seemed as superficial, but it could, maybe more likely(?), come from one, who had thougt it through, and come to the conclusion that the outside dosn't count, but the personality..?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Money, money, money..

Most of the people asked, answers that money can't make you happy.
The question is, is that true? Hasn't money a little influence in how happy you are?
No matter what, humans allways want more money..
If you won a million, what will you do?
Maybe there's a lot who thinks that is a lot of money, but when they have it, the big amount isn't that much at all.
When we earn money, we also pay taxes. If we didn't, there would be a lot, who cound't make it in our economy based world.
I don't believe that we would be so generous and give so much money, as we do when we have the taxes.
As defense, a lot would say: "but I've earned it myself, I deserve them.", but do that change the fact, that it's greed?
I think it's okay to think like that, because everyone do it in some way. We can't avoid the fact.

We always wan't more.
My example is obviusly money, because it's the payment we use in our community.
We may start saying: "yeah yeah, I don't need that much, so of course I don't end with having more than I need.", but when we have the opportunities to get more than we originally said we'd need, we suddently need them anyway.

I would call it human nature, what about you?