Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sometimes I have thought about how boring it must be to be a teacher.
All the time, you are together with someone who don't have that much knowlegde as you, aand you have to learn them the same things over and over again.
I can see that someone choose it because of their love to children and their pedagocial skills, but I have difficult to understand how you can get challenges in your everyday.
Maybe I'm totally wrong, and there is a lot of challenges. And I'm sure am. But what I know, is that I am looking for completely other challenges than I can see you'll get as a teacher.

Speaking for myself, I will say that I love to be in room with persons who's much more experienced and intelligent than myself. It gives me that challenge I want and need.
Then it's not me who need to teach and tell, but me who listen and learn. Thinking of being the one, teaching others all the time, freaks me out.
To be 'the teacher' sometimes is fine, but to be the teacher all the time, can't I find interesting or challenging. Not to an opponent who's on at least the same level of experience most of the time, is somehow scary for me.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Too bright for education?

In schools it's normal to give the 'weak' students some extra help. However, the very bright students who is in the top of the class, does very likely get ignored in a way, where their talent doesn't  get used, and they end up sitting in the class, bored to death because they already understand the teaching, and doesn't need it to be explained again, when the rest of the class need it to be explained a lot more times.

I really find that a waste!

Their talents is unused, and they can end up finding the education a plaque, only because they're ahead academically. What they need is to get their talent stimulated. And I think the teachers should give them the chance to have it. Of course without forgetting to help the rest of the class. It is possible to do both. It's just something the teachers and everyone else have to realize. The students didn't choose to be bright, nor did the students who find it very difficult, par example dyslexics; they didn't choose to be that neither, but then the education has to adjust to it. It's the same with the very bright students, just the other way.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye can be difficult. Really difficult.
Specially when you are saying goodbye to someone you have shared many many years with.

Just yesterday, I had my last school day, and celebrated it with all of the 9th graders at my school. 3 classes in total. We both smiled, laughed and cried.
We actually still have
 our graduation, where the real goodbye is coming, but it still felt like it was the last time, and that we should say goodbye. And so we did. We went to hug all of our teachers and said thank you and held speeches for them.
It was all really touching, even though it wasn't the real goodbye.

The most of my class mates and me, has been admitted to the high schools we wanted, and we are looking forward to start there. Still we are having a really hard time saying goodbye. And we, at least I know I do, shed some tears now and then.
The only thing for us to do now, is trying to smile, and think about our future, and try to stay in touch.

When you have the opportunity to stay in touch, it can be a a great consolation, and make it a lot easier to say goodbye, because you know it's maybe not a real goodbye at all; even though it's going to be a lot different.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


We can be faced with death at all ages.Someone come not to face it untill they are 40 years old, and someone face it at the age of 5.
It's not something we can control, it's just something that happends.
The first time a realative dies, it comes as a shock. Even though you knew it would happen.
Because even when you are prepared for it, you aren't prepared. It maybe sounds strange, but when it has happend to you, you would know what I mean.
Another persons death, isn't something you can really prepare for, it's just something you have to face.
There's nothing to do about it. You can't bring the person back, no matter what. Therefore you have to live with the fact, and start living your own life again. Even though it seems almost impossible.
It applies for everyone. No matter if they are 5 or 50 years old.

The big difference is how you handle it.
There's many different ways to do that, and some are better than others.
Anyway, there isn't a rulebook, and if there was, it wasn't something you just can follow regardless. The only thing there is to say is, that you should try to say a good goodbye and get back to your life. It is possible.
And then you should look back at the good memories you had with that person. It doesn't help looking back on the bad ones.

Sometimes the death is infact, the best possibility for the person, and sometimes it's not.
Wouldn't it be much more worse, if they suffer instead?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Even though

 The saddest thing is, that even though we know what's going on, we still don't do anything.
And even though we say, that it's horrible, we still don't try to change it.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I would look so stupid

You ofen hear people saying, "I don't know if I should do this, I would look stupid" or something like that.
It indicates that nowadays, people are afraid to do something, if they are unsure what everybody else would think of it. And if they are convinced that, what ever they do, would look silly, funny or stupid, then they are afraid of what other people would think, and they then choose not to do it. Just to be on the safer site.
And if they are supposed to do something they know they are not good at, they can tend to give up in advance, and then it's clear that whatever they end up doing, will go wrong and everybody will see that they haven't done anything to encourage it. And therefore it will look kind of silly, and noone will be impressed.
On the other hand, if they instead try to do it right, and take the assignment seriously, then people normally get pleasantly surprised and impressed. And you won't look silly at all.
As a bonus, you will feel much better afterwards, because you have done it, even when you were certain that you couldn't.

In reality people get impressed when you do something and try, no matter what your skills are, just the fact that your'e trying is impressing and admireable.
Otherwise, you will just look insecure and unserious, wich never look good.
Nowadays all to many people think to much about what other would say, and ends up not trying at all, when others actually would be impressed, just because you try.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


People have different taste.
In everything.
Music is just one of them.
And sometimes when people start arguing which kind of taste is better, they can say really unlogical things, that really doesn't make sense and possibly isn't true at all.
I have seen comments on youtube musicvideos, saying that when you listen to rock, then you're unintelligent, that some artists are faggots and people who says that a whole genre is rubbish, and people should try listen to something else, that they think is better. I would say it's totally fine to have different tastes, I have my own taste too, but still, there is a line.
For some reason, people sometimes has an urge to say so negative and pointless comments on music, especiallly on youtube.
And one of the reassons of why music is so badly affected, is that youtube is a place where you can write all kinds of stuff as a comment on videos, but at same time are anonymous.
It's a lot easier to say something, like there's being said, when people don't know who you are.

Isn't that a kind of cowardly?

Monday, March 14, 2011

You know better

You know better. You are smarter than that.
You clearly know this is wrong.
You know what's the better thing to do, but still you don't wan't to do the 'right' thing.
For once you wan't to do the stupid thing, even though you know it is the stupid thing.

Many other people does the same, but the difference between many of them and you, is your knowlegde saying that it's wrong.
Having the knowlegde to ssay it's a bad idea, can really lay a preussure on you.
It makes it much more difficult just to do what you wan't, because you know it will have it's consequences.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


A characteristic many appreciate is tolerance.
Because tolerance is necessarially for accepting other people and their views of life.
It does that you can have a totally different opinion, but still get accepted.

The most people are toleant enough to accept that others not always have the same oppinions, or look just like them self, but everyone's tolerance stops somewhere.
There is somethimg you just can't accept, and that itself isn't the bad thing, but it's the consequences following.
In the whole wide world, you can see the consequences in the form of war.
It can take the form of racism or bullying if you go more in detail.

You can for example see it in the schools, where a child gets bullied because he or she has a different look or acts a different way than the others.
Sometimes when it's because he or she acts different, it's maybe because he/she has a disiese like ADHD or maybe it's because he/she has a mind so well devoloped, that he/she is way more mature in view of life, but still don't know how to act together with peers, because they are in two different states of life, despite their similar age.

Very few can handle that, and almost only persons who knows a little about it, can react in a good way, and can have the capacity to accomondate it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


When someone does something good to a person, that person can tend to forget to thank that person.

And even if it isn't such a big or important thing that is done, then it's still a good idea to remember to say thank you and show them, that you appreciate what they have done.

It can really be surprising how little there is needed to make people feel appreciated, and make them just a little happier.

Sometimes we tend to forget it usually doesn't need more to make an other persons life, just a little better.