Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye can be difficult. Really difficult.
Specially when you are saying goodbye to someone you have shared many many years with.

Just yesterday, I had my last school day, and celebrated it with all of the 9th graders at my school. 3 classes in total. We both smiled, laughed and cried.
We actually still have
 our graduation, where the real goodbye is coming, but it still felt like it was the last time, and that we should say goodbye. And so we did. We went to hug all of our teachers and said thank you and held speeches for them.
It was all really touching, even though it wasn't the real goodbye.

The most of my class mates and me, has been admitted to the high schools we wanted, and we are looking forward to start there. Still we are having a really hard time saying goodbye. And we, at least I know I do, shed some tears now and then.
The only thing for us to do now, is trying to smile, and think about our future, and try to stay in touch.

When you have the opportunity to stay in touch, it can be a a great consolation, and make it a lot easier to say goodbye, because you know it's maybe not a real goodbye at all; even though it's going to be a lot different.

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