Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sometimes I have thought about how boring it must be to be a teacher.
All the time, you are together with someone who don't have that much knowlegde as you, aand you have to learn them the same things over and over again.
I can see that someone choose it because of their love to children and their pedagocial skills, but I have difficult to understand how you can get challenges in your everyday.
Maybe I'm totally wrong, and there is a lot of challenges. And I'm sure am. But what I know, is that I am looking for completely other challenges than I can see you'll get as a teacher.

Speaking for myself, I will say that I love to be in room with persons who's much more experienced and intelligent than myself. It gives me that challenge I want and need.
Then it's not me who need to teach and tell, but me who listen and learn. Thinking of being the one, teaching others all the time, freaks me out.
To be 'the teacher' sometimes is fine, but to be the teacher all the time, can't I find interesting or challenging. Not to an opponent who's on at least the same level of experience most of the time, is somehow scary for me.