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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friends and loneliness

Friends and loneliness is the opposite of each other.
Thats at least what you tend think, but maybe it isn't always in that way..?
It's almost only the persons who has, or are trying it themself, who knows, that it isn't always how it is.
For someone, having friends doesn't always means that you aren't lonely.
Sometimes when everything seems fine, everything can be wrong.

Someone are in a situation where they only meet people, they actually don't get specially good along with. Maybe, on the outside, it seems like they're really getting along, and are very good friends, but sometimes the surface lies.
It can be, that they only are friends and a lot together, because of the fact that they don't know who else to be with. Or they only know someone who lives too far away etc.
And then they can feel lonely, even when they have a friend, or a lot of friends, if they doesn't get along that well as it seems.

To feel like having no really close friends, can really devastate you.
Sometimes you just wish that you had someone you felt like you could say anything to, and someone who would have you as "1st choice" nearly no matter what situation.
Feeling like that can make you feel empty inside. You can begin to close yourself and give up.
You can feel like you have no hope left.
And maybe the fact of people not knowing, not realizing what you are going through, that they're too ignorant to know, can be even more depressing and sad to you.

Many people isn't aware that someone can have it like that.
When everything seems fine on the outside, then what could be wrong?