Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humans evolution

Humans must be the dominating species on the planet earth.
Don't you agree?
I mean.. There's humans everywhere on the planet, exept for a very few places, and there's over 6 billion of us.
It's very few other animals who has the same number of individuals as humans have.

It's only some insects and some other small animals, as we know, who is having the same amount individuals as we have.

In contrast to most, maybe all, of the other species on the planet, we can live in almost all of the continents. The only continent were we doesn't live is the antartic.

We use lots of space on the earth, to our houses and cities and we claer forests to get resources and so on.

We destroy a lot of the natural habitats the plantet original is based on, and what we lived in once a time.

Soon, will there maybe only be a very few species besides humans on the ground of the earth?

Sometimes we tend to forget where we came from, and how the environment was before we evolved to what we are today.

Darwins evoulutionary theory tells us that the strongest (the one that best can adjust and so on) survive, but whar about now?

Is it the meaning that we should be the only sppecie in the ground?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If I were you

"If I were you, I would have done otherwise."
"No, if you were me, you would do the same, because I am me and you are you, and I think otherwise than you."

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Conversations in the dark

This is a translation of the essay I wrote at my danish mock exams.
It's maybe a little funny written, but it's because I didn't want to change it that much, and then the grammar can sound fun.

Conversations in the dark

Soon will there no more exist places without artificial lights?
As our world become more and more infected by the electronics predominant force, dosn't the natural mysterius darkness disappears at the same time?
It's only in the darkness where your thoughts and your imagination can flourish in any direction.
Uninfluenced by luminescent screens and beeping sounds, the world seems completly different.

It's in the darkest forest, I walk right now.
I walk carefully. Feel my way with my hands and feet.
I feel exposed and defenseless.
I don't feel I have control over my own destiny and way. The only thing I can do, is to feel my way.
Here in the dark I become absorbed in my own toughts.
They fly back and forth.
They increase the sounds around me, and try to find a meaning.
Every broken branch will give me a jumo, and every beautiful birdsong will make me smile.
Here I'm a stranger, but at same time home.
Here I'm just a little piece of a big connection or am I?
I stop.
Maybe I should turn around?
Maybe I should turn?
Or should I continue straight on?
There is so many choices, and without use of the sight, then I must be able to make a decision without being influenced by everything else, am I right?
Or would I loose some of my jugdement as a consequence of missing visual impression?

When you're in the dark, wouldn't you end up talking to yourself at last? Maybe not out loud, but certainly wthin yourself.
And does it matter at all, if it one or another? Your only company is the darkness and your own impressions.
In the dark, can everyone have the permission to be themself, without having someone to pretend they're someone else at?
You don't have the need to a compromise with yourself or others?
Isn't the darkness relieving when you think about it?

We live in the artificial light, but can create our own world in the dark.
Here we can shape everything and create what we want.
It's our own rules that applies in the dark.
And the worlds we create seems real, but why can't we just stay in the dreamworld and forget the mess, that's called reality?
Do we need to return, when the dream is so much better?
Many times has I woken and have been confronted with the artificial light and a wish that the dream and darkness would remain.
With a wish that the drema come true, and the light would get wings and fly away, just as it can when you are in the dark.
The whole thing is so light and airy in the dark.
It must be possible to stick to it and live there, or is it to light and airy?
Of course you then get rid of your fears taking shapes of something, that's far worse than in the light, but isn't it why it's harder to confront it in the light?
The darkness must be the perfect.
In the dark, you can create a world on your own, you can make all your ideas come true and all of your problems goes on vacation or takes a shape and shows itself for you, so you can see them. Dosn't it sound perfect?
And it can't be false adversiting, right?

Is it really true that you need light to have dark?
Can't you just settle for one of them?