Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humans evolution

Humans must be the dominating species on the planet earth.
Don't you agree?
I mean.. There's humans everywhere on the planet, exept for a very few places, and there's over 6 billion of us.
It's very few other animals who has the same number of individuals as humans have.

It's only some insects and some other small animals, as we know, who is having the same amount individuals as we have.

In contrast to most, maybe all, of the other species on the planet, we can live in almost all of the continents. The only continent were we doesn't live is the antartic.

We use lots of space on the earth, to our houses and cities and we claer forests to get resources and so on.

We destroy a lot of the natural habitats the plantet original is based on, and what we lived in once a time.

Soon, will there maybe only be a very few species besides humans on the ground of the earth?

Sometimes we tend to forget where we came from, and how the environment was before we evolved to what we are today.

Darwins evoulutionary theory tells us that the strongest (the one that best can adjust and so on) survive, but whar about now?

Is it the meaning that we should be the only sppecie in the ground?

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