Sunday, June 19, 2011

Too bright for education?

In schools it's normal to give the 'weak' students some extra help. However, the very bright students who is in the top of the class, does very likely get ignored in a way, where their talent doesn't  get used, and they end up sitting in the class, bored to death because they already understand the teaching, and doesn't need it to be explained again, when the rest of the class need it to be explained a lot more times.

I really find that a waste!

Their talents is unused, and they can end up finding the education a plaque, only because they're ahead academically. What they need is to get their talent stimulated. And I think the teachers should give them the chance to have it. Of course without forgetting to help the rest of the class. It is possible to do both. It's just something the teachers and everyone else have to realize. The students didn't choose to be bright, nor did the students who find it very difficult, par example dyslexics; they didn't choose to be that neither, but then the education has to adjust to it. It's the same with the very bright students, just the other way.