Saturday, May 14, 2011


We can be faced with death at all ages.Someone come not to face it untill they are 40 years old, and someone face it at the age of 5.
It's not something we can control, it's just something that happends.
The first time a realative dies, it comes as a shock. Even though you knew it would happen.
Because even when you are prepared for it, you aren't prepared. It maybe sounds strange, but when it has happend to you, you would know what I mean.
Another persons death, isn't something you can really prepare for, it's just something you have to face.
There's nothing to do about it. You can't bring the person back, no matter what. Therefore you have to live with the fact, and start living your own life again. Even though it seems almost impossible.
It applies for everyone. No matter if they are 5 or 50 years old.

The big difference is how you handle it.
There's many different ways to do that, and some are better than others.
Anyway, there isn't a rulebook, and if there was, it wasn't something you just can follow regardless. The only thing there is to say is, that you should try to say a good goodbye and get back to your life. It is possible.
And then you should look back at the good memories you had with that person. It doesn't help looking back on the bad ones.

Sometimes the death is infact, the best possibility for the person, and sometimes it's not.
Wouldn't it be much more worse, if they suffer instead?

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