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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


People have different taste.
In everything.
Music is just one of them.
And sometimes when people start arguing which kind of taste is better, they can say really unlogical things, that really doesn't make sense and possibly isn't true at all.
I have seen comments on youtube musicvideos, saying that when you listen to rock, then you're unintelligent, that some artists are faggots and people who says that a whole genre is rubbish, and people should try listen to something else, that they think is better. I would say it's totally fine to have different tastes, I have my own taste too, but still, there is a line.
For some reason, people sometimes has an urge to say so negative and pointless comments on music, especiallly on youtube.
And one of the reassons of why music is so badly affected, is that youtube is a place where you can write all kinds of stuff as a comment on videos, but at same time are anonymous.
It's a lot easier to say something, like there's being said, when people don't know who you are.

Isn't that a kind of cowardly?

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