Sunday, March 13, 2011


A characteristic many appreciate is tolerance.
Because tolerance is necessarially for accepting other people and their views of life.
It does that you can have a totally different opinion, but still get accepted.

The most people are toleant enough to accept that others not always have the same oppinions, or look just like them self, but everyone's tolerance stops somewhere.
There is somethimg you just can't accept, and that itself isn't the bad thing, but it's the consequences following.
In the whole wide world, you can see the consequences in the form of war.
It can take the form of racism or bullying if you go more in detail.

You can for example see it in the schools, where a child gets bullied because he or she has a different look or acts a different way than the others.
Sometimes when it's because he or she acts different, it's maybe because he/she has a disiese like ADHD or maybe it's because he/she has a mind so well devoloped, that he/she is way more mature in view of life, but still don't know how to act together with peers, because they are in two different states of life, despite their similar age.

Very few can handle that, and almost only persons who knows a little about it, can react in a good way, and can have the capacity to accomondate it.

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